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About Us

Hello, my name is Ryan Hardy, owner operator of Set Apart Excavation LLC. My business is named Set Apart for the very reason that "we are not like the rest." We are a trustworthy, reliable company, always on time & will always keep our word. We go the extra mile to make sure our client is satisfied. I serve my community's needs by offering various ground working services such as land clearing, debris removal, tree removal, grading, among many other services. I take emergency calls to quickly and conveniently take care of downed trees and large fallen limbs that may be presenting issues for the client. I use a chainsaw and good ole man power to complete the majority of my work and a skid steer to quickly and efficiently move heavy materials when needed, as well as a large capacity dump trailer to haul away mass debris with the ability to haul multiple large trees at once when necessary. I always leave my job site clean and tidy, taking much care to leave it better than I found it. 


Land clearing

Land clearing refers to the process of uprooting and clearing vegetation to prepare a construction site for a project. This can be done before construction commences to clear the land for laying foundations and increase a property’s value, but it is not a part of regular maintenance and cleaning.

Root raking

Root raking will remove the larger roots and uniformly distribute the upper soils to prepare them for in- place densification

Debris removal (Grapple truck service)

Grapple trucks have a special loader attached to their frames, like a long arm, that is able to rotate on an axis with a grapple at the end. This is especially convenient for hauling bulky waste, or collecting waste or debris that is impractical to containerize due to either size or weight. We have a 65-70 yard truck that can handle any and all cleanup needs. Our grapple trucks are all self-loading, saving time and you money! Let us haul away your yard, storm, or construction debris, or pick up any mess with one of our grapple trucks!

Tree & Stump removal

We remove any problematic trees you may have and can stump grind or pull the stumps from the ground.

Underbrush clearing

Brush mulching is the single step process by which undesirable vegetation – small trees, brush. Is ground into mulch by mobile machinery. The mulch is generally spread as evenly as possible over the entire cutting area. This retards initial re-growth, prevents erosion, and replenishes the topsoil base.

Pile burning

A prescribed fire used to ignite hand or machine piles of cut vegetation resulting from vegetation or fuel management activities. Piles are generally burned during the wet season to reduce damage to the residual trees and to confine the fire to the footprint of the pile.

Nothing is impossible.

Our team of experts have years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service.


Amy Pritz


" Ryan did a great job at our property. He removed several trees a few of which were extremely tricky and required some tree geometry to avoid landing on any buildings. Thank you so much for your work. "

Dan Fifield


" Ryan is the man for the job. I was not able to be there during the entire job and he kept me informed of the progress and sent me pictures so I would always know what was going on. Great job and I will definitely use him again."

Ram JM_FL (Waterman)


" Wow what an experience with Ryan. He is passionate in what he does and delivers outstanding work. He not only cleared my land but also had ideas for my construction. Would use his services in future projects. "

John Thunderhawk


" Ryan is 5 star! He did a phenomenal job for us!!! He will get all our business on our property. Let him do your work and you will always be a satisfied customer!"

Sandy Stafford


" Communication is key, Ryan makes sure the customer is in the loop every step of the way.

Set Apart did a fantastic job clearing property just the way I requested."

Luke Woodall


" Had a tree fall on my house and these guys made short work of that. Had them do some other trees and they really did an awesome job.

If your looking for someone who’s honest and says what they mean and means what they say, this is them.

Thanks you 👍 "